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Strategic Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy
1hr Session

To see long-lasting thought process changes it is highly recommended to book the first 4 sessions at weekly intervals. Some issues may take a longer term commitment than others in particular weight management.

Please feel free to contact me for a free 30 min telephone/online consultation prior to booking. Pricing and packages for weight management will be discussed based on your personal needs.


1 hr Clinic Session $180​.

1 hr Online Session $150. 

45 minute Strategic Psychotherapy $140

I am fully invested in you and committed to helping you reach your desired outcome.

I kindly request payment in advance of the first treatment. 

So... How Does It Work?

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Solution-focused Clinical Hypnotherapy is based on the work of Milton Erikson. It is a non-script hypnotherapy tailored specifically to the individual. It is permissive, there is no taking control of the client, in fact it’s the opposite. We merely suggest to the client the idea of change and give them the choice of whether they do this.

This method is empowering for the client and brings about change quickly and effectively.

The client is eased into a trance-like state and suggestions of change, some of which will have been discussed in the interview are applied. Whilst in a relaxed calm state the client is many times more open to positive suggestion. The number of sessions required will depend on the individual and the issue. A minimum of 4 is usually advised at weekly intervals, before going to longer intervals. In the case of weight management ongoing support is necessary to ensure long-lasting change. Packages will be discussed prior to commencing treatment.

Recordings of each session are available for the client to listen to as often as possible. These can provide ongoing therapy even after the sessions have ceased. Small tasks may also be set at times. The therapy is very much a partnership, and the client needs to be ready for change to achieve a successful outcome.

Strategic Psychotherapy

Strategic psychotherapy requires focusing on clients’ processes, that is, how they ‘do’ their problem rather than ‘why’ they have the problem. We are all unique, how one person does anxiety won’t be the same as another person. Of the thousands of thoughts, we have every day we choose which ones to pay attention to and this can sometimes cause stress and anxiety to manifest as we amplify the problem. With practice and the power of hypnotic trance a client can be guided to choose to let go of negative thought patterns and adopt healthier thought processes.


Whilst your past will be acknowledged as a start point for the way you developed patterns of how you think, act and behave it is not a place to dwell on. We focus on leaving past traumas behind. Something that happened a long time ago needs to be addressed but it doesn’t need to stay with you. We cannot change the past, but we can help you to create a positive forward focused future.


Once it is understood how a client 'does' the problem, psycho-education can be applied and the power of hypnosis will embed the new processes.

Each treatment is tailored specifically for you and your needs.

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