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NDIS Clients

Working with NDIS Clients

The NDIS provides funding for support to people with disability. This can help maintain relationships with family and friends, manage everyday living, and build new skills to help find and maintain work.

To find out more about NDIS funding  and eligibility you can visit -

Who Can I Help?

I am currently able to accept adult clients who are self or plan-managed. 


With a background as a Registered Nurse and Solution Focused Strategic Psychotherapy, I can provide forward-thinking solution-focused therapy.

The areas in which I am able to help are, building coping skills for everyday living, and managing anxiety including performance and social anxiety. I can enable people to build confidence and self-esteem so that they can live their lives to their greatest potential. This may include everyday social skills, communication with friends and family or developing skills to enable the client to seek work. I can also help with managing habits such as smoking, alcohol and weight management.

I am also able to provide relaxation techniques, to cope with stress, worry and overthinking.

If you would like a 15 min free consultation you can contact me below.

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