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Weight Management/Food Relationships

My Passion For Change

I am passionate about this area as it is destructive to so many lives.

Living a life where food is energy for the purpose of fuelling our body and allowing us to function effectively, is a key message that I give to my clients. Everyone has the resource within them to change their patterns of thought regardless of how long that pattern has been running for.

There was a time when you didn’t think about food in the way you do now.

Maybe it’s been used as a coping mechanism or simply a habit that feels uncomfortable to change. This method is not simply about losing weight it’s a holistic approach to your relationship with food. From an early age many of us had it drummed in that we had to have 3 meals a day. Our brains therefore think something is wrong if we skip a meal, even if we’re not hungry or we’ve had a big lunch that our digestive system is struggling with. We still have dinner because we were told we needed 3 meals a day!


What I Do

My aim is to work closely with you to realise that food is just a small part of our existence, it doesn’t relieve stress, it’s not entertainment and it doesn’t serve us very well as a treat. Pleasure can be found in so many other areas of our lives, but it’s possible these are being avoided due to your relationship with food.

By changing this destructive relationship with food, you can open up your life to new experiences, function better, enjoy movement, sleep better, allow your body to work effectively, limit disease, and have more energy to name a few.

While our digestive system is overloaded it makes us feel tired and sluggish. This is a vicious cycle as it then draws us to a quick pick up such as sugar or coffee. This then leaves us tired again as insulin spikes then sharply falls, and so the cycle begins again.

Find Freedom!

I will work closely with you to find out what patterns of thought and behaviour around food you are running.

I will then seek to interrupt that pattern so it can no longer run, giving you the freedom to move forward and enjoy life.

This programme is challenging and requires commitment. 6 sessions will initially be carried out weekly where possible. Follow up sessions will be required but will be less frequent. Following a free 30-minute consultation I will recommend a programme for you specifically. The cost of treatment per hour will be significantly less following the first 6 sessions.

**I do not treat clinically diagnosed eating disorders**

**I do not give dietary advice. It is recommended that you see a GP/dietician or nutritionist prior to any weight change programme**

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