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Mind U Perth Hypnotherapy

Strategic Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP


How We Can Help You...

Mind U offers a solution-focused strategic psychotherapy in combination with clinical hypnotherapy and NLP.

This is a powerful modern way to successfully treat a range of conditions.

**FREE 30 minute consultation available to find out how we can help with the following issues**



Social Anxiety



Weight Management



Performance Anxiety

Habit Change

Emotional Eating

A patient receiving clinical hypnotherapy

"Even after just one session I found myself relooking at my behaviours, and my relationship with my own thoughts"

Debbie Hilton, hypnotherapist

Why Choose Us?

Your Local Perth Hypnotherapist & Strategic Psychotherapist.

ANXIETY is front and centre to most issues. It is a learned process that is generated from within. This may be at a conscious or subconscious level. Where it comes from and ‘why’ you run this pattern is not necessary for it to be treated. We teach you how to run more efficient thought processes so that you can become free from old stuck patterns of thought and behaviour.

​We will identify ‘how’ you 'do anxiety' through specific strategic questioning. Once we have found the skills gaps, we will help you build new processes through psychoeducation, hypnotherapy and NLP. It is from here that the move away from anxiety, worry, stress, addiction, and poor food relationships can begin, enabling a calm, relaxed and happier life, where you feel in control.

**Book a 30-minute FREE online Zoom session or call for more information. **

How Does It Work?

Solution focused Clinical Hypnotherapy is based on the work of Milton Erikson. It is a non-script
hypnotherapy tailored specifically to the individual. It is permissive, there is no taking control of the client, in fact it’s the opposite.

We merely suggest to the client the idea of change and give them the choice of whether they do this. This method is  empowering for the client and brings about change quickly and effectively.

The client is eased into a trance-like state and suggestions of change, some of which will have been
discussed in the interview are applied. Whilst in a relaxed calm state the client is many times more
open to positive suggestion...

Neuro-linguistic programming is added into the mix to give the client specific tools to use in everyday life.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado


White Background

"I has some life changing Hypnosis from Deb. I was having some family issues which was causing me some anxiety which was stopping me from sleeping. I had some sessions with Deb and very quickly, I had improved sleep and that my life was not consumed with my concerns and worries and my anxiety levels reduced. I as so pleased that I met Deb and she has  been able to help me with my anxiety. She is very calm and very reassuring and was extremely professional, unlike my last experience with Hypnosis. Thank you so much for helping me move forward with my life and giving me the strategies to help me with my anxiety."

~ Sheena C

Useful analysis leads you to an action or conclusion.
Useless rumination l
oops you back into the problem.
Michael Yapko



Contact Us

Please feel free to contact me regarding a specific issue or with any questions. I am happy to give a *free 30 minute telephone consultation* prior to treatment to ensure that this is the right service for you.

I look forward to meeting you!

*Appointments available via Zoom, or in  Clinic  at;* 

Medika Health Clinic, Suite 9, Unit 4/476 Wanneroo Road, Westminster, WA, 6064 

Easy free parking available.

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